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Episode: 2 (Mobilization Chemo Day 1)

Mobilization Chemo Day -1 for SCT Day one in the books. So far so good. Before they would start the chemo I had to have minor surgery to repair 2 fistulas that were a potential infection threat. When I shot the vlog I was still pretty drugged up so it might be a little tough to watch.


9 Responses to “Episode: 2 (Mobilization Chemo Day 1)”

  1. Snake says:

    God Speed my good man. I’ll see you soon.

  2. Alysia Bennett says:

    Hey Robert,

    Hair is sooo cliche. I like bald on you! Hope you’re feeling stronger today. I prayed for you. I’m looking forward to the next vlog.


  3. Jamila says:

    thank you for sharing Robert, your courage will carry u thru & change the lives of many. Peace&Love

  4. Gigi and Sue says:

    Hey buddy,
    You look great.
    Is Lou moonlighting as a boxer from 1920? Tel him to watch out for Jack Dempsey’s widowmaker. We’re praying for you man, as soon as your ready for some talking give us a shout. Let me know if you need some underoo’s I can fedex them to you.

    Gigi and Sue

  5. Ellen says:

    Hello Rob!!
    We are praying for you–isn’t it a blessing that you are able to be a part of this treatment? It is wonderful that you are sharing the experience with others.
    I completed chemo and radiation this past winter—I also had my hair cut before it actually all fell out–that way it was a one shot deal–gone and no longer need to be concerned about the gradual (and traumatic) loss.
    They put the first infusion in your arm–do you have a port??
    One day at a time, my friend. When it is a bad day, remember a better day is just around the corner. Honestly. It will be. We love you!! Ellen Gass

  6. robert says:

    Thank you Ellen and Bill that means a lot to me:)

  7. robert says:

    Ha! I really laughed out loud reading this one, thanks Gigi!!!

  8. robert says:

    Thanks for the words of encouragement Jamila!

  9. robert says:

    You are so right on the hair, it is liberating. New vlogs are posted. Thank you for the prayers!

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